Fast Forest has acquired a low cost tree watering system for customers wishing to minimize their tree watering commitments. This inflatable 45 gallon water reservoir, called OOZE TUBE, is easy to install and once filled, can supply a slow and steady supply of water for up to 3 weeks, ideal for people going on vacation or for trees planted in an under-irrigated site. For further details go to Ooze Tube and contact Fast Forest for a delivered price.

The Emerald Ash Borer is a highly destructive insect pest that has been gradually spreading throughout southern Ontario attacking all species of ash trees. For further details on EAB and the extent of the areas it has infested, go to:

The 2011 Champion Tree Hunt of Waterloo Region was an outstanding success with over 330 tree nominations being submitted by the local community. Check out the Grand Champion and all the other Champion Trees at

Periodically Fast Forest is requested to transplant unwanted trees off various sites, whether it be due to site size restrictions, tree encroachment or trees being in the way of proposed construction. This scenario presents an inexpensive opportunity for potential customers who could provide a new home for these trees on their own property. The tree removal cost is waived for the tree 'donor' and the tree planting cost is minimized for the tree 'adoptor'... in addition, trees are saved from being destroyed!

Contact Fast Forest for more info on this 'Adopt-A-Tree' program.