Your home’s landscape should be functional.  Don’t want to install a fence but still want some privacy? Planting a hedge or a strategic placement of some coniferous trees can make all the difference.  Want to reduce your air-conditioning bill? Planting a large tree to cast some shade on your home is a great option, coniferous trees planted around your home acts as an insulator and actually reduces your heating costs.   If you’d would like to change your existing landscape, with sufficient equipment access we can relocate large trees to another area of your property. Not sure what you need? Book a consult with one of our knowledgeable staff. We’d love to learn more about your vision and what we can do to help make it a reality.

Commercial & Developer

For schools, industrial & commercial businesses and business parks, we can provide windbreaks, screening, and softening the harsh lines of large buildings while matching the scale of the property and its surroundings. Mass plantings are a perfect option for businesses with green initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint. Planting large trees is a great way for businesses to contribute to their community.

Golf Courses

Part of keeping a golf course in optimal shape requires maintaining the surroundings as the Golf Course Architect intended. Windstorms, pests, and forces of nature can wreak havoc on a golf course. Replacing compromised trees with new, large caliper trees keeps the course’s sight lines as it was initially intended.

Parks & Recreation

Whether your needs are creating a community focused park, or a privately managed campground, we have the necessary experience & well-rounded expertise to create beautiful destinations.

Creating a serene landscape in an urban setting is our specialty, and we're happy to bring the wilderness into city limits.

Create Memorable Landscapes

"We first dealt with Fast Forest several years ago when we needed professional help to replace an old tree. Fast Forest was meticulous in choosing the proper location in our yard to create the privacy we wanted. Fast Forest was our first thought last year when more trees needed replacing. We appreciate Fast Forest's pleasant, professional manner and would recommend them with confidence."

JANET & PAUL DULLAERT ( Retired Home Owners )

Let's Work Together